Taking goats for a walk around the block - Backyard Homesteads at their finest!!! #goatvet

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kids #goatvet

Pygmy Goat kid | Flickr - #goatvet says Too Cute

A goat is more than just a goat | World Vision Blog #goatvet

Urban homesteading in SF! She's 49 and after tending a backyard full of animals and plants, started the Institute for Urban Homesteading. Inspirational!

A goat would never be stuck like this sheep #goatvet

Boer goats #goatvet

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#goatvet also recommends milk testing for dairy goats

A Boer goat in the Netherlands - #goatvet smiled when she read the title " Typical Dutch goat! | Flickr " as Boer goats are South African in origin

Goat Health : Animal Health Australia pages on goat diseases #goatvet visits regularly

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PVC milking stand from Homesteading Journal #goatvet likes this

Basic facts about goats on this blog #goatvet likes the info about their origins

Gerty and Greta #goatvet thinks this would be a good way to take novelty photos of your goats

Goat Racing at Abbotsbury Childrens Farm- like this form of goat racing where the goat kids are not stressed and obviously enjoy the exercise. #goatvet thinks they get food at the end

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