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So this isn't the reason I saw The Avengers multiple times...but it certainly helped.

Amen. Also, my immediate assumption is that Santa has had too much cocaine.

Generic surprise birthday party! I was just looking for ideas for my party on Saturday!

Disney Face Swaps... Awesome. I like the Pocahontas one. :)

lol I miss FRIENDS so much!!!

I'm laughing a little too hard but omg too much information. Lol

Some images on Pinterest are so silly when you think about them.

Human mating rituals -

I seriously think this all the time. Are there suppose to be aliens in the pageant too or what??

Are we clear? <-- I love how Animaniacs wasn't afraid to use jokes and words little kids wouldn't understand, it makes seeing them as an adult be like Oooooooh now I get it!

"Come back here you yellow-bellied pansy! I'll bite your legs off!" My all-time favorite movie, and my all-time favorite part of it. The "she's a witch!" scene is my second fav lmfao.

Anyone else wanna run their hands through his hair? Maria Bugajski If I can't have an Orlando-on-a-stick, can I has a Thor?!