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Ring around the Moon! The rings are caused by moonlight refracting off of ice crystals high in the atmosphere. Folklore says that a ring around the moon means that there's a storm coming.

from キナリノ - 暮らしを素敵に丁寧に。


yumimibelle: Miracle Moon De quoi lever les oreilles je concède… !


Weather pictures of the year 2011: lightning, auroras, snow and ice

My dad taught me about these when I was a child. From previous pinner: Not every cloud has a silver lining; this multi-coloured cloud looks as if a rainbow has formed high in the heavens. The phenomenom - called a sundog - happens when ice crystals appear in clouds and refract the sun's rays. Photographer Robert Arn captured the cloud in Heyworth, Illinois, America. Picture: Robert Arn/solent