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1900's bride... why Cameron thinks lace is old fashioned

1900... These girls look creepy. I wonder if they were told not to smile. One of the reasons I love these old pics, so many "wonders"

All a girl really needs is a good friend , a lasso, a gun, and a dog. Watch out!

A couple of farm kids take care of the new puppies, one feeding while the other one snuggles, late 1900s or early 1910s. Photo: Underwood Archives, Getty Images / Archive Photos

GEISHA WITH EYES FOR YOU -- Posing as a Bathing Beauty by Okinawa Soba, via Flickr

Mom and Daddy raised 200+ free range turkeys in the early days of their marriage.

Farm Kids Playing On The Farm..reminds me of my grandpa

Edwardian Fashion – The Gibson Girl The Gibson Girl – became the first 20th century standard of female beauty and style, named after Charles Dana Gibson, a Life Magazine illustrator whose fanciful illustrations inadvertently created a new idealized style of Edwardian Fashion. Pictured here is Camille Clifford - whose famous corseted waist caused such a stir. This type of severe S-bend silhouette disappeared from vogue quite quickly by 1910.

The second lady favors my mom...but it's not her. But she was raised on a #farm and probably helped with the hay.

Olden Days Chicken & Turkey Feeding. This reminds me of my great aunt & grandmother. Both lived on farms across the road from each other. Hardest working ladies I ever knew.