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40 computer games that focus on letter ID and letter sounds. No account needed, just bookmark the page and let the kids play.

Interactive Whiteboard Games | PBS KIDS Lots of great activities to use on your smart board!

Writing the Alphabet (10 minutes long, goes through all the letters, has kids finger air spell letters with guidance)

Amazing Ebook Resource for Young Kids. Over 100 ebooks here... just save the links and let your kids enjoy!

Letter Sounds Worksheets: Listen for the letter sound. Color all the pictures that have that letter sound. Letter A, Letter B, Letter C, Letter D, Letter E, Letter F, Letter G, Letter H, Letter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N, Letter O, Letter P, Letter Q, Letter R, Letter S, Letter T, Letter U, Letter V, Letter W, Letter X, Letter Y, Letter Z

Song and video for every letter that teaches the letter and sounds from Have Fun Teaching. Symbaloo mix is easy for kids to use at home or school.

PreKindersfrom PreKinders

Alphabet Assessment Awards

Alphabet Soup-Child identifies the letter, and walks around the room searching for the letter somewhere in the classroom.*To teach letter sounds: Children search for an object in the room that begins with that letter.