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    Paper Towel roll art

    made from all the leftover paper scraps in the art room!!!!

    Make flower stamps out of paper tubes.

    art actually: paper sculptures by kindergarten and first graders

    I love doing this with my first graders. Each table does it with a different color piece of paper and then they share them and create Eric Carle Style Collages of animals and write stories about them!!!

    Pipettes, watercolors, paper towels. Beautiful!

    Love this tree art project - texture, repetition, unity

    Tubeapalooza: Paper towel tube ramps... Taking it to the next level. Raid the recycle bin and give ramp options galore! (paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, pie tins, baby food snack containers, ribbon spools...)

    Paint paper towel rolls slit and slip onto tomato cages.

    Paint, wax paper, and rollers

    PIZZA BOX CANVAS!! (Georgia O'Keeffe) Students dipped paper towels into glue all and sculpted it onto a pizza box creating the look of a canvas. The paper towels dry rock hard and create a 3-D flower. These were a HUGE hit with students & parents!

    paper towel art - happy hooligans

    Printing with a paper plate

    Art for Small Hands: Printing Repeats - The children cut animal figures from styrofoam and print them repeatedly on collages made with tissue paper. For ages 9 to 13. Plan for 3 sessions. Look at the greats; no child is too young for art history. Look at the world; learning to make art is learning to see and find pleasure in details. Exploring Eric Carle.

    cardboard fish! Nice threading activity

    Paper roll airplanes for transportation unit.. Very easy to make..

    KELS FA 1.3 Preschool--Here is a great way to connect geometry, blocks, and art! How super fun. Toilet paper rolls, paper towel tubes. Create sculpture and paint.

    watercolors on paper towels using pipettes.

    Art with Kids: Printing with Paper Doilies

    The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll

    PAINTED PAPER: Georgia O'Keeffe's Poppies