Done with a metallic fabric = great holiday accent

Spray-painted Thrifted Lamps

How to make a lampshade DIY tutorial.

fabric scrap lampshade

Anthropologie lamp shade hack using torn sheets and hot glue. Detailed tutorial.

Dress up a boring lamp shade.

This litter box enclosure is a total game changer. Inside it has a partition with another entrance to the actual litter box, so that less litter gets out, and snooping dogs (like mine) can't reach any "treats". A little pricey but definitely worth it, especially if you have a small space. $145

DIY Sweater Lampshade

3D shelves

I have one of these in the baby's closet, I can make it actually cute looking! :)

DIY Lamp Shade

button lamp shades.

diy lamp shade :)


mod podge a map to a lampshade

Vintage Romance: DIY Ruffle lamp shades.

Dishfunctional Designs: Unique Lampshade Creations

Love this DIY lamp shade

DIY Zinc Letters

Ribbon lamp shade.