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  • Kelsey Lechtner

    If I could own any animal in the world it would so totally and completely be a penguin!!!!

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The tall and short of it "somewhere in middle America, get right to the heart of it" ... Omaha, Nebraska

love penguins!!! this type, emperors I think, are so beautiful in color, I think that's what makes them so photogenic.

Rare melanistic (black) penguin photo by Hugh Rose

actully this is "daddy & me" bc in their world, mom is the hunter who brings food back and its the daddies who keep the baby warm & healthy.....yes i watched march ofhe penquins LOL

Cute little guy! "Elvis", a rescue fairy penguin, was fitted with blue shoes for his sore feet at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, NZ.

Macaroni penguins - ©Andy Rouse/ Rex Features (via The Telegraph)

Emperor Penguin Chicks, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, Polar Regions Fotoprint van Thorsten Milse bij