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I think this every time I watch Ian go into one...

Why not turn your feet into wheels? The Orbitwheel from Inventist Inc. is a stellar concept that takes two-wheeled transportation to the next level! #productdesign

LOL so many people I know would LOVE THIS!

In a busy train station one cold morning, Rob and a crew of 4 other workers are stationed in an attempt to brighten others' day. "Rob wants to give you a high five." A humorous and clean idea some may put in the category of "flash-mob."

Mom: If I had to sum up your thirst for life in one statement. This would be the most fitting. You are one in a billion and then some :)

Sometimes I fear for the human race.

Mermaid Academy. I'm in! If this is real I WILL be going!!!!

(Think i already pinned this) Please let this happen to me…

There is no way I would do this!! Just looking at the picture makes me dizzy and stomach jump : O

Always take backup to the ATM... Gosh I love old people. (Like she would be ANY help!)

Introverted People: 25 Things You Should Know