Celtic knot tutorial. Would make a great bracelet in cotton or hemp yarn!

Love this bracelet.

Ombre celtic knot bracelet tutorial

macrame pattern


diy celtic knot bracelet

FunStocki: heart rope fun heart cool creative rope easy crafts

Big knot necklace natural color 2. Cotton rope.

vivien frank triple wrap

DIY Sailors Knot Bracelet

Celtic heart knot bracelet.

DIY Celtic Knot Pillow Tutorial from Cut Out + Keep here. “The Witness to Your Splendor” celtic knot is used for this pillow. Mainly posting because the bottom pillow tutorial from Seymour here was taken down at the request of artist Ragnheiður Ösp who makes a pillow resembling the one in the middle. *So what happens when a DIY is removed that you really wanted to do? Improvise. Cut Out + Keep Tutorial + Sailor’s Knot = Celtic Knot Pillow Top Photo: DIY from Cut Out + Keep Midd


DIY bracelets

rope knot bracelet

de Cor's Handmade Jewelry: Celtic Knot Pendant - Step By Step Wire Jewelry Tutorial, Project Base Series

Unique weave bracelet- here with paracords but leather, cotton cords would also work