One of my favorite things about Christmas time!!

thumb prints! - I hope I remember this around Christmas!

things i love about winter: Photo

The "Yes Virginia" story ... my favorite Christmas Thing. I read this every year and believe more and more in Santa each year I grow older. "Is it all real? Ah, VIRGINIA, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding." What a relief to know that Santa lives! Merry Christmas! ~ Ashley

Tree travel.

Christmas Decor: Cute idea for Christmas time

Christmas in less than 100 days! The more we plan for the expenses that occur during December, I believe the more we can truly enjoy the season. Here are ten things you can do in the next few months to ensure your Christmas is restful, enjoyable and frugal!

Love this idea...simply wrap wire around a foam cone to make these pretty Christmas tree!

Christmas time :)

So darling. LWCD - All You Need Is Love & Christmas Cookies - Print

Christmas Bark Cookie Crunch...definitely making this around Christmas time :)

hot cocoa stir sticks..soooo good! This will be done at Christmas time!!


DEFINITELY making this as a Christmas decoration this year!!!

Take a picture of your family in winter/Christmasy dress with a Christmas saying and add to your Christmas decorations.

This Christmas give your kids four gifts, one thing they really want, one they need, one they can wear and one they can read. If children receive only a few gifts, each one means so much more.

things i love about winter

elf :)

TOO CUTE- Heard youve been naughty so heres the scoop - all you get for Christmas is Snowman Poop. (Totally making these this year.) Dont follow the link. It doesnt give you any information on the craft idea. But they look pretty easy to make. I think I now have a couple of great ideas for Secret Santa gifts. - Pam