Deviled Eggs--love the decor for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

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Mini Pumpkin Pies made in a muffin tin... a must this fall! (& Apple too!)

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Easter Bunny Deviled Eggs

These deviled avocado eggs are an amazing healthy alternative to traditional deviled eggs.

Bacon jalepeno deviled eggs now I always think of you when I see deviled egg recipes @Kristen Templin.

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My fellow roamers will thumb-wrestle for my deviled eggs...even better when they look like the eyes that Madge has plucked from her victims. (shudder!)

Pickled & Deviled Beet Eggs recipe


My Fridge Food- say what's in your fridge and it gives you different recipes, genius!

Halloween food (@JaimeeRose)

Halloween shoes o.m.g! I love these! Soo witchy...

Doubly Deviled Eggs

Chocolate Pumpkin Cups What a cute idea.