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Chihuahua Dog Art Print Wall Decor Inspirational by GoingPlaces2, $14.00

Why is this cute?! here to find out more

But of course she has a tiara on her head, she's a princess!

Chihuahua-13 by perawus, via Flickr. Looks like a Margaret Keane.

This looks exactly like my lil' one we lost back in the fall.... He was a killer guard dog, everyone was afraid of my lil' 3.7 lb. Junior, lol..

"Chummy Chihuahuas" - Looks like Puppy Love by John

Laughing Chihuahua. this will make you smile on a bad day for sure :) The face of pure joy, can you tell me that dogs don't have a personality after seeing this. Too Cute!

Valentine's Day Chihuahua Puppy Dog Dogs Puppies

Chihuahuas If Chihuahuas were to take over the planet, what type of political ideology would they choose? The chihuahua breed has already infiltrated millions of US homes, forcing the owners to do their bidding. How will they rise up against us? Is it too late?