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Sun's Magnetic Field Reversal Still A Scientific Mystery -- If you're confused about the sun's impending magnetic field flip, don't feel bad — scientists don't fully understand it, either. The sun's magnetic field will reverse its polarity three or four months from now, researchers say, just as it does every 11 years at the peak of the solar activity cycle. While solar physicists know enough about this strange phenomenon to predict when it will occur, its ultimate causes remain mysterious.

Solar system

Solar system art with pastels on black paper.

Lots and lots of homophones! Free Illustrated Homophone Word Cards, Homophone Activities and Lesson Plan, and some homophone TPT resources $.

A Good Chunk Of GOP Field Wants To Repeal The 14th Amendment

The Solar System - Planet Facts and Moon Phases (33 Posters). Great visual display for your science content wall or include them in your centers as a review.

Children love coloring and the best way to teach them about our solar system is through solar system coloring pages. These printable solar system...

I have who has Outer Space : A 20 slide printable game or activity about space, planets, and the solar system.

This play is filled with good scientific information but even better, it's entertaining and fun! Summary of the Play: The Sun thinks he/she is the most important thing in the Solar System and isn't afraid to let everyone know it. With the guidance of each planet, (including Venus, the diva and Saturn, the surfer) and each solar system object, the Sun realizes in the end, that each planet, moon, asteroid, comet, etc. has value. $

What a great activity- build a snowman while practicing Punnett Squares for Genetics.

What do we need sunscreen? #homeschool Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy - study of the sun activity

Demonstrate pollination with Cheetos -- too smart!

Cason already knows these facts from our documentary family time, but study guides are always good ;)

Solar System ideas

Constellation cards

Paint push lights to make your very own solar system. This looks so cool hanging on the way {illuminated planets}

What if the other planets were as close as the moon?

How to make magnetic slime - this stuff is super fun!!

HowStuffWorks "Earth's Magnetic Field"

Explore the Earth magnetic field activity