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Sun's Magnetic Field Reversal Still A Scientific Mystery -- If you're confused about the sun's impending magnetic field flip, don't feel bad — scientists don't fully understand it, either. The sun's magnetic field will reverse its polarity three or four months from now, researchers say, just as it does every 11 years at the peak of the solar activity cycle. While solar physicists know enough about this strange phenomenon to predict when it will occur, its ultimate causes remain mysterious.

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Solar System Mobile

Solar system

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Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall

Lots and lots of homophones! Free Illustrated Homophone Word Cards, Homophone Activities and Lesson Plan, and some homophone TPT resources $.

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The Solar System - Planet Facts and Moon Phases (Posters)

The Solar System - Planet Facts and Moon Phases (33 Posters). Great visual display for your science content wall or include them in your centers as a review.

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Punnett Squares

What a great activity- build a snowman while practicing Punnett Squares for Genetics.

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Constellation Punch Hole Fun for Kids

Constellation cards

Paint push lights to make your very own solar system. This looks so cool hanging on the way {illuminated planets}

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What if the other planets were as close as the moon

What if the other planets were as close as the moon?

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How to Make Magnetic Slime

How to make magnetic slime - this stuff is super fun!!

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How Compasses Work

HowStuffWorks "Earth's Magnetic Field"


Free 700-page middle school chemistry course available online

free complete chemistry curriculum for middle school. It's a really good one, too. #homeschool #science

What are magnetic fields and how to see them. Great activity to do with children, all you need is a magnet, some iron filings and a piece of paper! #KS3 Get the materials here:

Magnets and Magnetic Fields (BFSU A-5A) Great ideas for activities to do in the magnet section of our science curriculum!

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10 Things to Do With a Pringles Can Besides Eat Chips Out of It (PHOTOS)

How to Make A Solar Eclipse Viewer With a Pringles Can!

Magnetic Yeast Only a few organisms can actively sense and utilize magnetic fields. Magnetotactic bacteria contain strings of iron-dense membrane-bound organelles filled with magnetic crystals called magnetosomes, which act like microscopic compasses. Bacteria that contain magnetosomes can detect the earth’s magnetic field, telling them which direction is up and helping them find oxygen closer to the surface of the water.