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  • Annie Gabriel

    08/06/13 Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon ~ In an event that occurs every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of months, according to info from NASA-supported observatories. The flipping of the sun's magnetic field marks the peak of the star's 11-year solar cycle and the halfway point in the sun's "solar maximum" — the peak of its solar weather cycle. "It looks like we're no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal.” Video

  • Teresa Felton

    Sun's Magnetic Field Will Flip Soon. Every 11 years or so, the two hemispheres of the sun reverse their polarity, creating a ripple effect that can be felt throughout the solar system. The sun is currently going through one of those flips in its cycle. That activity affects the Earth's magnetic field, which affects technology on Earth like GPS systems and power grids. The uptick in solar activity can also create brilliant auroras on Earth and on certain planets of the solar system.

  • Dave MacQuarrie

    The sun's magnetic field is about to flip | Science Wire | EarthSky

  • Kristen Rubano

    Sun will flip its magnetic field soon - interesting article! #news #article #sun #magnetic #field

  • J. D. "Dougie" Black-Langford

    Sun will flip its magnetic field soon, #NASA says - NBC #Astronomy #Science

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