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François Clouet (1510 – 1572) was a painter of portraits and a miniaturist during the French Renaissance. Clouet was known for his precise and detailed works. "Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France"

Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, François Clouet

Eleanor of Habsburg whilst Queen of France by Jean Clouet. It was Eleanor, who reportedly refused to be present, as Queen of France, to meet Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in Calais, she also did not acknowledge Anne Boleyn. Her loyalties, as the rest of her family, remained with her aunt, Katharine of Aragon.

Diane De Poitiers (1499 – 1566) by Jean Clouet She was a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier at the courts of kings Francis I and his son, Henry II of France. She became notorious as the latter's favourite.

Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, by François Clouet, 1570

François Clouet, Henri II, 1553

Clouet, Francois (1515-1572) - 1571 Portrait of Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France (Louvre)

Hercule-François duc d'Alencon by Francois Clouet

Francois Clouet. Eleanor of Habsburg, Queen Dowager of France