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Ha don't do it!! I love !

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I still miss separating my Halloween treats and also snow days too. Ah, snow days. Not the same once you have kids though. I dare that weather girl to call one. I double dare ya.

the only thing i miss about my childhood is not having to my legs. and forts. i miss forts.

That's why I HATE the beach! Don't assume just because someone is from FL that he/she loves the beach. Not everyone does.

shark or seaweed, same, love, love the beach and looking at the ocean.being in the ocean, not so much!

Too bad most of us would get slapped if we actually said this... has more amazingness!

Everyday I fall more in love with you.except for yesterday, yesterday you were really annoying.

Idiots everywhere

I'd rather read that they need attention that to read the fake bullshit quotes they use to get the attention from people they rarely even see ~ just sayin'.

Bedtime - Imgur


Well, time for bed by chewingfat .This is SO me every night. Me: "I'm going to bed now" BF: "Ok, so you'll be sleeping in about 50 minutes?

I laughed a little too hard at this...

If youre crazy and you know it shake your meds! If youre crazy and you know it shake your meds! If youre crazy and you know it then your eyes will surely show it, if youre crazy and you know it shake your meds