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Best .gif editing ever. I didn't get it for a bit, but when I did...this is heartbreaking.

"Sherlock - Mind Palace Drawing animation and progress scanned 15 times. A4 paper, mechanical pencil." This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

hahaha SOOO FUNNY! (gif set) >More great & cute (and muchly entertaining) work from ShockingBlankets!! ♥

(gif set) Dean + Lucifer Theory ||| Supernatural 5x04 "The End", 5x13 "The Song Remains the Same", and 9x11 "First Born". OH MY CHUCK! HEADCANON ACCEPTED!

Oh goodness, yes! Imagine the three year hiatus with out something to entertain us! "We're all mad here"

tumblr is worried for us. i just point and laugh hysterically at this point. click through for more

(gif). I'm done for today. Benedict Cumberbatch and something that remind me of drunken giraffe, Wholockians.

I love dancing. I’ve always loved it. (gif) #Sherlock series 3 episode 2: The Sign of Three

"I will burn you." (.gif) - Oh Gosh, this is so cool! --- i'm sorry but his little smile is adorable... X3

"Maybe....Maybe not." he is so sassy in these gifs. XD

dare you not to laugh at this GIF!!! <--- I was laughing before it even started, just reading the comments!!

Okay, I admit. He's pretty irresistibly adorable here.<----what?! He's ALWAYS adorable!!!