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    The airship, Los Angeles, hovers near an incomplete Empire State Building. New York, 1930


    Infographic: How a musician can earn a living.

    Page 22a: My visit to #Manhattan last Wednesday, after #Sandy. I couldn't get the night shot, but NEW YORK magazine had a fantastic shot for its cover.

    Bests pregnancy pics ever! I love this

    Who we are and what we do on Social Media.

    Santa Monica, California, July 4th 1950 | Photographer: Ralph Crane

    We listen to friends and family and President Obama. Here are statistics about influence in social media.

    This is Your Brain on Social Media (via OnlineCollegeCour...)


    Most Americans now get their news through a digital platform, with 82% using their desktop or laptop and 54% using their mobile device. Daily newspaper subscriptions make up 70% of audience-driven revenue for media outlets, totaling $10.4 billion last year.

    Love or hate his politics but you have to admit the man has an awesome sense of humor!

    High water in New York City (the site of the WTC) in 1960. That storm was much less than what is expected this week in New York City.

    Our legacy to the new generation. I wish we did better.

    From The New Yorker: Cartoon of the day. For more from this week's issue:

    There are about 3 "active" unemployed people for every one job opening in America. That ignores the millions who have given up on ever finding a job.

    Newly-discovered stark black and white photograph of John F. Kennedy in his infamous Dallas motorcade, seated next to his wife Jackie and surrounded by thrilled onlookers. via

    “Above all, we wanted to respect the individual victims of these crimes. The focus was on the huge potential that was lost--babies who would have grown old, kids entering college who had so many things left to do in the world.”

    For Trayvon Martin. Kill RACISM, not people.

    Whitney Houston's infamous rendition of 'I Will Always Love You'. Submitted by reader Jeremy B. Fox on Facebook

    Labels are for clothes.

    Does anyone know how relationships work??

    The Romney family misspells its own name in the world's most epic Freudian slip