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    Heyyyyyy... wait a minute...

    Dresses with Sleeves! What a fascinating idea! LOL Brides With Sleeves Do It Better - Wedding Party

    The lovely art of Emily Winfield Martin on her blog The Black Apple.

    This graceful exit:



    10 ways to run a stately home on a budget - Tatler

    “The only thing that ever made me pine for another child was little girl clothes”, Beveridge explains. | "My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter" Is The Definitive Best Pinterest Board

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    Cat ~ Lol

    The ultimate in stackable kitty storage solutions!


    Siamese mom teaches her babies how to avoid the dreaded Bath.

    I'm laughing so hard omg

    Cats on dogs .

    "To you, it may look like a beautiful new chair--to a cat, it's just one big scratch post." --Anonymous

    Funny Printable Valentine's Day Cards | Your spouse will love these!

    Invisible cat - These are awesome.

    Are you childish?

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    Rejecting men, art style. Proposes AT me. Hahaha.


    Your Guide to Spring 2015 Couture Fashion Week - Traditional Tweed, Re-imagined from #InStyle

    ????Your Guide to Spring 2015 Couture Fashion Week - The Flower Bride at the Chanel Couture Show from #InStyle