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Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues For Real

The awkward moment when you're talking and you realize no one cares about what you're saying bhahahahhaahha

The awkward moment when you’re talking and you realize no one cares about what you’re saying.

That moment when you can't hear the TV so you just chew your food slower.

Lol so true: There's a fine line between being tan and looking like you just rolled in Doritos

OMG this used to be me when I was a teen! .... Then a really scary, yet funny experience completely cured me of this fear!  LOL!

Its funny last night I was looking out and I told myself that no one's face is going to appear then my brother went outside, he jumped in front of the window and screamed.scared me half to death. Never looking out the window ever again.

Untitled (I told my therapist about you), by Mike Monteiro - 20x200 (from $60)

Untitled (I told my therapist about you)

I told my therapist about you.Of course, you are the reason I'm in therapy.

That is true I mean I am the Historian of my student council and I did cheer I do swim I do read a lot so yeah

when i'm bored, nobody texts me. when i'm busy, i'm the most popular person on the planet. hahaha LOL SO TRUE!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one here... radbad25

LMAO It's happened to me! That awkward moment when you're walking down the stairs and think there's another step and you Hulk stomp the ground.

This is def me!

So true. Wellington "do you want to punch me in the face?