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Boxfish captures every word being spoken on television, loads them into its database, and makes it searchable via its app to help users discover television content. Not only can you search for TV content in real-time, it also acts as a remote control with your MSO box (DirectTV & TiVo)

11-Year-Old Wins $20,000 At AT Hackathon For Creating App That Discourages Texting While Driving

What It Is: Ring ($165) is a unisex smart ring. What It Does: Lets you control anything — send texts, control home appliances, make payments, and more.

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Transparent photovoltaics have yet to grace the face of your smartphone, but don't give up hope -- UCLA researchers are working on a new see-through solar cell that's showing potential. Using a new type of polymer solar cell, the team has been able to build a device that converts infrared light into electrical current. Current prototypes boast 4 percent energy conversion efficiency at 66 percent transparency -- not crystal clear, but certainly clean enough to peer through.

The Galileo - MUCH more than simply a high-end iPhone mount. Read our interview with its creator

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