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White Ink Sleeve - the first time a white ink tattoo has really grabbed my attention or made me desire one!

White Ink Tattoos - Hoping to get one someday, but I definitely need to do more research before deciding

White ink. * side note my white ink never turned yellow but it does fade faster but not that much. Just take care of all tattoos and get touch up when needed and you'll be fine. *

Think I just found my next tatoo. Different words and possible different location but really like the idea. I really like this white ink tatoo.

A white tattoo on my wrist will be my next one. Just havent figured out which word yet!!!

If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would want it to be white ink. I kinda like how it looks like a scar ... and I have plenty of those.

white tattoo. i love this idea because i am a very light complected person, and white tattoos make it look like texture/design of skin. I love!

White ink. This is really interesting. Wonder how white ink shows up on a pale person like me?

LOVE the white ink tattoos! ..too bad mom & bf hate them!

a simple phoenix tattoo in white ink. I think it's somewhere in the upper back

My White Ink Tattoo - Rustic white feather to symbolize guardian angels and loved ones passed by lilian

White Ink Tattoos i kind of like them for wrist tattoos because they are so subtle and you could cover them up really easily if you needed to