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  • Marylue Turpin

    Thumb Controlled Watering Pot Made With Recycled Materials I got the idea to make these thumb controlled pots from the pottery ones I’ve seen at Historic Williamsburg. The original earthenware “thumb pots” were used in 17th and 18th century English gardens. I reproduced this clever watering device using salvaged plastic bottles and jugs. It is ideal for watering delicate seedlings.

  • Sheila Trock

    Cool Thumb-controlled Watering Pot Made With Recycled Bottle (TONS of reuse/repurpose projects on this site!)

  • Tya Buie

    Thumb controlled watering can

  • KimR

    How-to: Thumb controlled watering bottle ... great use for all the maple syrup bottles we go through

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wow, isn't this clever? If I actually get around to planting anything, this is how I'll do it. Much nicer than plastic.