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thought for the day via design is mine blog #designismine #home

there is this place in my home town that looks exactly like this...and i always thought exactly this as i passed each time...

Yes, I got this tattooed on my body just to remember that this is all you need to do to survive anything...


T gave these words to Linds. She told them to me as I embarked on my first real travels alone.

Inhale. Exhale. repeat - all you really have to do today. The rest is a bonus! find more inspirational quotes about life here www.inspirational... original work here

just breathe I find myself trying to just breathe a lot lately.

This is true.. of course its hard for any human not worry, but trusting in him, he will make sure your worries disappear!

be nice. Made my own version of this and hung it by the garage door where we put our shoes on every day to leave. I love it!

Some times we all need a day like this.