Beef kimbap step by step. See the how to:

Vegan Korean Bibimbap - a classic Korean dish of rice and seasonal sautéed vegetables, served with a spicy Gochujang chilli sauce. #vegan #veganfood #korean #gochujang #bibimbap #healthy #glutenfree #asianfood #recipe #rice #mushroom #carrot

Pineapple Fried Rice - A quick and easy weeknight meal that's so much cheaper, tastier and healthier than take-out!

Korean Beef Bowl - Tastes just like Korean BBQ and is on your dinner table in just 15 minutes!

Korean Seaweed Rice Rolls

korean beef rice bowl! I LOVE KOREAN FOOD!!! <3

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Mandu (Korean Dumplings) | Korean Bapsang

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Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Bowls with coconut rice and grilled pineapple on

Korean rice bowl: Use any type of beef - ground beef, sirloin, flank steak, tenderloin trimmings - or other meats such as ground pork, ground turkey, chicken.

Kimbap, a sort of Korean sushi roll (without raw fish); you can also make this with beef instead of crab and fish cakes.

OMG Susuhi Roll - If you like sushi but you’re not too into the raw stuff then this roll will knock your socks off!

Karioka (Deep-fried Coconut Rice Balls with Brown Sugar Glaze) with ube (purple yam) and langka( (jackfruit) filing by artofdessert, via Flickr

Bulgogi: Korean BBQ #Beef #Asian #Recipe

Korean Food-

Homemade Sushi: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for delicious at-home sushi rolls