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Black glue and water colour: Would do hot or cool colours with a sketch of their favourite animal.

a faithful attempt: Ndebele African Animal Drawings/ I want to add this to my projects

a faithful attempt: African art wax resist.....check out lesson....good

a faithful attempt: African art black glue....administer with skewer.....watercolour wash

Adire textile is the indigo dyed cloth made in south western Nigeria by Yoruba women

Secrets of Kenya African animals for a silhouette project...

african art.. Such beautiful, vibrant colors !

purposes of masks, African art, and the meaning behind some of the symbols/designs commonly used in African art. make the point that African art is always meaningful to the artist, has some symbolic meaning behind the shapes & colors, and is almost always useful or functional. With these key features in mind, students can understand African culture a little deeper.