Until there's nobody left but you.



some rumba or bachata moves//



He kissed me once in my vision, but it remains with me always.

Gently easing Amber up against the shower wall, as the warm water cascaded over our bodies; I picked up her favorite soap and began to lather the sponge. Beginning to softly soap her belly as I slid my bubble covered hand lower, I began to tease her between her legs. As she let out a rather dainty little moan and whispered, “I want you again, Sébastien… You shouldn't have left me on the brink of an orgasm.” I cracked a rather mischievous grin.... © J.L. Thomas 2014


passion.....could use some right about now....great breakfast, no carbs, no sugar..lol, love you....

Always and forever, I will love you.....

drop everything now. kiss me the pouring rain. meet on the sidewalk. take away the pain. THIS IS SO PERFECT!

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holding hands


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Protect me, and I'll always protect you! #love #romance #kiss #couples #hugs #sweet #inspiration #relationships

It must be love