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burlesque. I so need this. I'd stand in the mirror all day and think of how damn sexy I looked, not to be vain, but for a prue , much needed, confidence boost!

Why can't I have a job that I get to dress up in awesome corsets with freaking cool eye make-up! And that hat!!

Delicate Temptress Burlesque Deep Plummy Dusty Purple Romance Old World Charm Lace Marie Antoinette Inspired Boudoir Whimsical Sexy Dress Corset

inspiration to get back into competition form- in all ways . . . now where are my practice shoes and my weights

gorgeous. sexy. perfect for vegas & date nights!!

Circus Burlesque I LOVE THIS... then again I love everything vintage circus.

QUEEN OF HEARTS Burlesque Corset Costume Red Black by olgaitaly