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Alexander the Great lesson

Alexander the Great is a dividing line in history. How did he change our worldview so much in such a short period of time?

Alexander Palace in home of Nicholas II and his family. After the February Revolution they were placed under house arrest in this palace.


Surviving Tracy

Classics for all generations !Alexandre Dumas ,enchanted my youth !!! Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas

Queen Alexandra’s Amethyst Tiara- A gift from Tsar Alexander III to Queen Alexandra, after her death it passed into the Fife line of the family and eventually auctioned off on June 26, 1946. Beautiful detailing on this piece in close-up pictures.

Locked, by Keartona - It's an old well which was built to commemorate Lady Eglinton who had married Alexander Montgomerie, 8th Earl of Eglinton after the death of her first husband Baronet Sir Thomas Wentworth.....apparently. The inscription is not too easy to read even when you look up close. The front part where the steps are would have been full of water but now it's dried up.

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The Bizarrely Beautiful World of Relics in Religious History

One of the more controversial aspects of many religions is a history of preserving "relics," or pieces taken from the bodies of saints. Here are some of the most unusual examples of these macabre objects of veneration.