The dropped eyeliner trick is where you apply eyeliner to only half of your bottom lid and full line on top, almost as if you’ve dropped the line or your eyeliner half way. You’ll be amazed at the look it creates and how much it can alter your style. Of course, you can try this with any colour you like and the usual black or brown works too but I do suggest you experiment to see what suits you best.


Black and gold eye shadow

Retro 60s hair + makeup

Eye Makeup Tips How To Apply Eyeliner

perfection - hair makeup necklace

natural makeup


white eyeliner in water line, thin black eyeliner on top, nude lipgloss, and pink blush. Beautiful!

Smokey Eye

Jennifer Lawrence - gorgeous bronzed smokey eye. Perfect for hooded eyes.


note to self: learn how to do a really good cat eye. then learn how to be glamorous so as to pull off said cat eye.

so pretty



Orange and gold