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Dear Diary ...

Etsy Transaction - never-opened vintage red five-year diary with lock and two keys

Resultado de imagen para autos raros

Wanna ride in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Modern Family star Ty Burrell has teamed up with the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission, which has thus far donated over 2 million pounds.

Gum wrapper chain LOVED making these

I remember sitting in our tent at Girl Scout camp and watching the other girls make gum wrapper chains. I was so envious of the fact that they HAD gum and that they knew how to make these beautiful chains. Made them!

fisher price19

25 Juguetes que demuestran que Fisher Price es el dueño de tu infancia

Fisher price kids vacuum … I still have mine from when I was little WOOOw

Had these bottles for my baby dolls

Baby Doll Bottles that looked real - I remember how magical it was that the juice and milk disappeared.where did it go?

...remember the color peacock announcing a show was in color...not all were, and we didn't get a color set right away

Remember the color NBC peacock announcing a show was in color? Not all shows were. At our house the peacock was always in black and white.we didn't have a color tv until I was in high school!

Resultat d'imatges de 70's decoration

slogans and slang phrases - how well I remember them; brings back memories of high school days.

game of jacks

How to play Jacks - loved this game during recess - best played with golf ball.

GERBER VINTAGE - Buscar con Google

Vintage Gerber Junior Foods Jar (Food) at Silversnow Antiques and