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Archigram's Walking Kitty

The Invasion of Architectural LOLCats | DesignDaily

Architectural LOLCATS | Blogs | Archinect

kitty sandwich.

OMG! A Hello Kitty kitty!!!

25 Animals Who Think They're People / Cats Who Think They are British Schoolboys from the '50s

"Nature breaks through the eyes of a cat." --Irish Proverb

Beanz the purring shadow by Hazel Terry, via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/hazehaze/14007208120/

by Roman Noven

black white cats

jumping cat. what's not to love.

kitty, how'd you get in that tube?


Totally Relaxed

Tiago Xavier Photographs Animals with Cute Character




cuz ur a cat lady or something?  well thanks for reminding me of my forever alone-ness. nah kidding haha, yeah this is pretty much accurate. fucking guy (via elopse)

cat using one of his nine lives.

two face kitteh