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"I’m very much about the sensual experience. That’s what touches me. How light hits water. How it feels to touch velvet. How it feels to touch a piece of metal that is polished to perfection." - David Yurman - Se dovessi darti un consiglio, ti direi: non lasciarti intimidire dalle opinioni altrui. Poiché solo la mediocrità cerca conferme, affronta i rischi e fa' quello che desideri. (Paulo Coelho, Aleph)

When I see people running for shelter when it's raining, I laugh a little. Rain feels so stinkin' good! Why would you wanna get away from it?

Japanese colors 青竹色 aotake-iro: Japanese has many words for colors. This is "Aotake-iro" and means "bluish bamboo colors".

days at the lake ♥ Evan pretty much lives at the beach, we do only live 2 streets over, easy livin' for summer life...

Djibouti, Lake Assal. An Afar camel caravan crossing the salt flats of Lake Assal, as shadows lengthen in the late afternoon. At 509 feet below sea level, Lake Assal is the lowest place in Africa. Each camel carries between four and ten thirty-pound sacks according to the size and maturity of the animal. The salt is sold across the border in Ethiopia. by John Warburton-Lee Photography

leit að lífi / search for life porch reading by a lake... this is all i want in life

Angel took one look back. Men still bustled, women still shopped in the market. Children still played their games. No one cared that one small waif from the streets was about to die. Angel turned, two tears dripped from her eyes and splashed onto her bloody feet. Her last tears. Angel hurled herself into the sea.

Cooling off on the dock during a hot summer day #summertime

I need to go on this picnic now! Grab a bottle of wine and let's start paddling.