Thank you Lord, for the people you have put by my side...this statement says it all! In the end, it is all about LOVE...the ones that you love, and the ones that truly love you!!!


. . . it's true. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but it's a true thing.

I could say this to a lot of people, mostly guys who think when I smile and tell them "hi," I'm flirting with them. Seriously. I am not interested, I am just polite.

so true

I think this is the most real thing i've ever read

So very, very, very true.

This is true... To everyone out there going through battles no one else knows about... Stay strong and have hope!!

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So true

Being strong

So true.

so true.


So true

SO true!

The Fault in Our Stars | People cry, not because they're weak. But because they have been strong too long – Johnny Depp

lol...I like this one.


So true!