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Fiery Sunset over Alabama Hills by Dave Toussaint (www.photographers...), via Flickr

Fiery Sunset - Cocoa Beach, Florida I hope we can see a sunset like this when we go!

Alabama Hills, California - Lots of westerns were filmed in them thar hills!

~~Sierra Lenticular ~ lenticular cloud hangs over the Alabama Hills at sunset, California by James Neeley~~

Mt. Whitney and Lone Pine Peak framed by Mobius Arch. Alabama Hills, California

Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierra, near Lone Pine, California by Willie Huang

Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina • Dave Allen Photography

Cloud Passing - Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, by Jim Patterson

Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA A Barrel Cactus gets a touch of morning sun during this beautiful morning. The sandstone mounds are scattered around for miles in this area, resting at the feet of Sierra giants, particularly Mt. Whitney. It's one of the most filmed outdoor areas in the world. by Ted Gore

Alabama Hills - Inyo County, Owens Valley, nearest town is Lone Pine. Strange geology, used in many old movies. Close to the Mt Whitney portal.

After sunset, Nuevo, Bayamón, Puerto Rico