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This tree in Denmark has not been shaped. It grows in the shaped of the house, probably because that's the only part protected from the extreme wind.

Photographer Marianne Kjølner snapped this pair of photographs of a bizarre tree in Denmark - West coast, a very windy place were there isn’t much that can grow. So the tree can only grow where it has shelter.

Natures Doorways

Passage secret Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, California, USA Redwood Eye. Through that door is an entrance to the Land of Faerie

Tom Huckabee (@tjhuckabee) | Twitter...THIS SCREEMS FOR A QUOTE! HELP ME FIND THE RIGHT ONE. :)

Tom Huckabee (@tjhuckabee) | Twitter...THIS SCREEMS FOR A QUOTE! HELP ME FIND THE RIGHT ONE. :)


The Dark Hedges are an avenue of a beech trees that are a couple of hundred years old in Armoy, Co. The trees intertwine in the middle of the road giving the scene a magical ethereal look.

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"and like the moon, she had a dark side of her so dark, that not even the stars couldn't shine on it, she had a side of her so cold, that even the sun couldn't burn on it" ~Abigail J.


Dragon’s Blood Tree from the Yemen’s Socotra Island [2048×1536]

Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra Dragon Tree or Dragon Blood Tree, is a Dragon Tree native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is so called due to the red sap that the trees produce. Dracaena Cinnabari by Jan Vandorpe.

Wow. Nice tree.

Most trees are good in the background and you hardly notice them. Not so with these spectacular rare woodland giants. Here are 13 amazing trees.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord

A mighty fast growing tree,the weeping willow tree is unique and graceful,the dropping branches within arms reach is enough to stimulate your imagination.Weeping Willow trees make great shade trees.Salix babyonica is a green weeping willow.