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    VERY true

    Make it right. Don't just give up...


    So true ♥

    so true

    Very powerful, to be melded with your paradigm my luv! Wow. Yes I can see this. But emotionally hard to do. I don't do well with endings. In many cases you don't have to end, just allow them to float away baby.


    So very true

    Love vs Conditions. I had to learn this one the hard way. But I did learn.

    Never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. If only I could remember this! #dontbeimpulsive


    Energy, it has to flow between things. For me, if there is no feeling of good energy flowing between myself and another person then I'm wasting my time.

    Always and so true



    no arsehole. nice words implies insincerity, and disingenuous subterfuge. KIND WORDS, are what eminates from a compassionate, forgiving and gentle nature. who the fuck still believes that "nice" means anything positive in this current reality?

    Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.

    don't belittle, condemn, or squash someone else to make yourself feel just end up looking foolish.

    Oh goodness. So true.