Attic movie theater

I want this room!

Attic theater

oh wow

Home Movie Theater Ideas


I have a similar space and I could do with a dedicated craft room instead of sharing the guest bedroom. Good idea!

The Converted Closet Nook, I'm pretty sure I could make our Harry potter closet nook a knitting, reading space

Now here's a thought...Laundry right in closet; put clean clothes away right after they're done washing!

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The home theater

i would love looking up at the stars every night and the rain/thunderstorms would be amazing. add a remote-controlled shade for morning and it would be perfect!

Haha my mom has this at her house and I have to say it's super handy! If I could build a house from the ground up I would for sure want this in it!

Open attic. Wow! Very neat!

attic closet.... Oh my wow.

This is awesome!

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this would be amazing!

SOMEDAY!!!!!!!! built-in hammock

Absolutely love

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