Handprint Tutu. We made these for Valentine's Day and wrote I love you "tutu" much.

Foot Print Tractor

How fun would this be? I can do the background, and we could either give them to Nancy and Darrell or hang them in their rooms!

Hand print flower

Sweet kid projects - love the butterfly feet!

Easy Craft Project – Japanse Flower Painting Soda Bottle...My daughter just did this at school!!! I think her teacher follows Pinterest =)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar wall art

Handprint fish craft- CUTE!

Fathers day project for the kids! Cute poem :)

This would be a great project for summer.

Handprint castle

Hand print indians

Bubble Wrap Beehive + Fingerprint Bee Craft for Kids! #Bee art project | CraftyMorning.com

How to make a lasting hand or foot print in the sand. This is so cute!

craft idea

Halloween project

handprint fish

handprint craft

handprints poster from Barn Owl Primitives