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At first glance, this is super cute, but I do find it a bit disconcerting that Newton's not on here, but Little Rock is. And worse, McCall's Creek if but LAUREL isn't? Yeah, on second thought, this should be put under "funny bone". Mississippi the Magnolia State

loved my time I spent in the Georgia clay, floating down rivers, going on jeep rides, sleeping in the grass, sneaking into old abandoned houses, kicking up mud with cute boys, laying out at the river on the warm rocks....

#Mississippi's state flower is the Magnolia. What's your state flower?

Home Sweet Home ~ You can find me all the way down on the very bottom left in Bay St. Louis! Come see us!

"To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi." - William Faulkner

I wish that heart was a big chunk of velveeta cheese just about to be melted into a tub of queso. then it would really be home to me.

'Hidden History of Mississippi Blues' celebrates the crossroads.

1982 20c Mississippi State Bird & Flower - Catalog # 1976 For Sale at Mystic Stamp Company

Southern Magnolia - I can smell them just looking at the picture.