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  • Christine Wilbur

    early reading activities and printables thinks to do!

  • Melissa Bishop

    Vocabulary Words - could use this with jolly phonics as well

  • Brandy Hutcheson

    WORD WORK- Labeled vocabulary words on popsicle sticks, stored in old Crystal Light drink containers. This an easy, organized way to create units of vocab or personalized sets for each student.

  • Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Scott Foresman Reading Street Stick Game - or any program. Crystal Light containers, craft sticks and stick on labels in a readable font and colored or black ink. Make sure you use colors that are visible to kids who are color blind or have low vision. My kiddos are sure to peel the stickers off so I might use a spray varnish to mass cover at least the front of the sticks.

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Vocabulary notebook - Cannot tell you how much I love this idea!! Really like the Root word, prefix and suffix portion.

*Vocabulary -- for students who finish early. Have them choose a word from the children's dictionary and fill out worksheet. Keep a classroom binder where students will store their magical words in alphabetical order. At the end of the year collect each students and put them in their memory book so they can see how many magical words they found.

great idea for spelling words to make it the password of the day and quiz kids during down time.

Make a bag full of vocabulary words, have students draw one, then spin this spinner and do the resulting activity. All kinds of word fun!

Common Core Vocabulary Word Wall and More - Vocabulary is essential! This 200+ page printable packet will help your students master the ELA vocabulary from the Common Core Standards. It includes a ELA vocabulary word wall, flash cards, and vocabulary flip books! Available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades! $

Vocabulary Thinking Map I would love to use this and have the students create the def. and drawings.

Generic word work form for content vocabulary. Includes a place for the word, the part of speech, the definition, a place for the student to use the word in a sentence, draw a picture, find synonyms and rate themselves on their understanding of the word.

Every Friday - "Fancy Nancy Friday"...take a boring word and write synonyms for in pockets for students to look at during writing time

yes! Love it better than the 4 square ! even for my 6th graders

I pinned this the other day. This one works better. First they trace the sight word (we call them star words), then they take colored pencils and "rainbow write inside the word", and finally they cut out the individual letters and glue them in the box in the correct order.

vocabulary I did this a lot with my 4th graders, having them "show what you know" about the words by holding up thier fingers.