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    Lord : Faith

    .. and that's how well i slept last night

    i miss her

    odd but interesting - for M*

    nap time by His foot

    can pet sleep here with Mnm?

    triad solution


    raising them together ... the picture in His head visualized ..

    for my new pet (?)

    pebbles - when i pet her and she goes limp

    my most favorite of all time ❤

    filled with You

    letting go ..

    that's what they would say mm hmm

    i will ..

    reminds me of m*

    never leaving

    love is believing

    pet will travel through land and sea to be with Mnm*!! hehehe

    reminds me of them hehe

    a tied up , white pussy .. in christmas lights - reminds me of m*

    one thought

    still .. yes still , my heart still pounds ..