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Breavley Diamond

Uncle: I'm Uncle. I'm everybody's uncle. Just keep back from this one. She bites!..... Idris: Do I? Excellent! {She bites him} Biting's excellent! It's like kissing. Only there's a winner..... Uncle: Oh, sorry. She's doolally..... Idris: No, I'm not doolally. I'm mmmm. I'm mmm.... It's on the tip of my tongue. I've just had a new idea about kissing. Come here, you!----The Doctor's Wife

as opposed to normal people who get married, have a baby, watch baby grow up, meet baby's bf, see baby engaged and married and live long enough to spoil grandkids.

The Doctor Dances. (One of my favorite Nine Episodes) This is the episode when you could really tell that Rose and the Doctor were in it for the long run together.

This just touched my heart, I'm so glad people are finally trying to put a stop to what has gone on without a word for so long. Thank you to whoever said this, you are amazing.


I’ve forgotten how to read headlines…

It took me WAY too long to get what this meant.