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  • Minji Kim

    1970s oil crisis(world) - The 1973 oil crisis started in October 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries or the OAPEC (consisting of the Arab members of OPEC, plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia) proclaimed an oil embargo. By the end of the embargo in March 1974, the price of oil had risen from US$3 per barrel to nearly $12

  • Claudia

    Leon Mill spray paints a sign outside his Phillips 66 station in Perkasie, Pa., on June 1, 1973, to let his customers know he's out of gas. An oil crisis was the culprit, squeezing U.S. businesses and consumers who were forced to line up at gas stations for hours.

  • Wendy Dahlke

    1973 oil crisis gas shortages and long lines

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Daisys, Whistles and Bugles! Beautiful Mid-Century design work on these boxes

  • Jeanann Grewe

    I remember Bugles and Whistles, but I don't think we ever had Daisys.

  • Desi McKinnon

    i've been loving watching the characters on mad men chow on bugles. when i was a kid this was the go to sunday school snack.

  • Barb Schmitt

    I remember our box of Bugles was on the fridge so I'd have to climb on a chair to get some.

  • Regions Trauma

    God I hated Bugles. I can't believe they still make them!

  • Linda Leitner

    They left out Flings. They were my very favorite, out about that same time.

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Vintage 1976 Fisher Price Castle! I played with this at my grandparents too! It was my favorite toy, and every time my brother and cousins would play with me, only I was allowed to have the castle and my brother would be the pink dragon for me!

  • kushe1219

    thank you for the trip down memory lane...i loved this castle

An old water pump. This was how we got water from the farm up on the "Adams farm" when we were enjoying time at the lake with the Cunningham Clan. There was no running water on either site but it didn't feel like "roughing it." I miss the experiences at the cabins with family. Everything felt normal and sane while we were there.

vintage mailbox. On every streetcorner. I remember we walked down the end of the street and mailed letters.

I haven't thought of these in years - drugstore gift sets of cat and little perfume bottle.

Rain lamp from the 70's- we had one. It was oil that looked like water. Such a strange lamp.

1973. the dr.scholls or the platforms or the dresses? fashionably awesome.

I had one of these - 45s went on the top and albums on the bottom.

Man on the moon July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Luden's Wild Cherry cough drops - On Sunday in church in case you started coughing.

  • Melanie Roberts Crosby

    I use to eat them like candy

  • Erica Goeke

    Oh my goodness, it was as if my mom pinned this for me to see from heaven! She always had these, and yes at church is the only time we used to get them Haha! Tastes like candy! She still used these until the day she passed! Only kind of congestion she would buy!

  • Sam Daisy

    I always pretended to cough a little to get them, eating the whole box.

  • Erica Goeke

    Darn auto correct

Remember these? I remember getting a new pair of shoes was just getting a bigger size of saddles!

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Melody Push Chime, my sister would play with this while my memaw was trying to watch "her stories" lol