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Everything looks better in plaid

Everything looks better in plaid - ba ha ha ha! Thanks, Andee!

~+ Rob Roy Macgregor Tartan +~  Simple and ancient tartan of red and black checks in equal proportions.  Also known as 'Old MacGregor'. The 'Rob Roy' name is thought to have been attached during the romantic Victorian period.   A specimen of the Rob Roy sett was collected in 1815-1816 and exists in the collection of the Highland Society of London.  In America it is known as 'Buffalo Plaid' and there's an interesting story behind how that came to be but...... another time.

A simple and ancient tartan of red and black checks in equal proportions. Also known as 'Old MacGregor'. In America it is known as 'Buffalo Plaid'.

green.  wearing.   (from the adventures of tartanscot™: But, It Is Easy Being . . .)

Vintage Book in tartan ~ Highland Dress

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tartan & plaid

tartan & plaid


Vintage Pendleton Christmas ad-I remember when I thought this was the living end-I actually still have my father's cotton plaid robe that looks like this

tartan wallpaper - Google Search

Keep Calm Tartan

tartan plaid

Vintage Skotch Coolers Red-Black or Bumblebee

These items set in my mom's laundry room for years and years.

Cute little vignette with a vintage green scale and an old Scotch plaid cooler, plus some silk geraniums.

Portable Radio 1959

Vintage Tartan Portable Radio So Cute

The Patsy dolls were made of a material called composition. Composition is mostly a mixture of wood pulp and glue. Manufacturers added other ingredients according to their own unique recipes. The dolls were then painted. Composition dolls have a warm glow to them.  “Compo” dolls were eventually supplanted by the hard plastic dolls common by the 1950s.

Vintage doll 'Patsy Ann' in her tartan rain coat and hat.


Mad for Plaid

I adore plaid lunchboxes!

Had one with a thermos to carry my lunch to school, loved it. ~ tartan lunch boxes

maudjesstyling: Plaid Vintage Lunch Boxes - Set of 3

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