candy apples.

Best ever easy homemade candy apple recipe Add some cinnamon red hots and skip the red food coloring

candy apples

Spiderman Candy Apples

5 Delicious Candy Apple Recipes for Halloween

"Poison" Candy Apples

You'll Love These Blood-Red Candy Apples -->

Candy Apples #recipe from

Puple Candied Apples with Tutorial Would be super fun for a Halloween party!

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How to Make Purple Candy Apples - Perfect as a poisoned apple for Halloween!

Spooky black caramel apples recipe from @bakedbyrachel Perfect for Halloween!

Chocolate Caramel Apple

Apple Fritters - must try

candy apples

Red Carnival Cinnamon Candy Apples Recipe from The Food Network by Paula Deen ~Ingredients: •1 cup water •1/2 cup corn syrup •2 cups sugar •1 tsp cinnamon flavoring •1 tsp red coloring •1 dozen wooden craft sticks •1 dozen small firm apples

How to Make Red Candy Apples Recipe

Candy Apple Recipe Ideas - a delicious collection of candy apple recipes that would make great treats for Halloween.

candy apple recipe

Halloween Ghost Apple