Cute idea for Mother's day.... we did this with our 4th grade students this year and I took the idea home this was my 3 year olds flower pot. Great for grandparents or even a personal touch for end of school gifts.

Mother's Day Card Idea via @Michelle Flynn Flynn Flynn {Sassy Dealz} | Create a Mother's Day Gift | Find ribbon and more from @J O-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

handprint flowers-cute for easter?

Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: 14 Handprint Flower Crafts for Mother's Day {Round Up #4}


Handprint flowers...

handprint art. a different animal for each little kiddo? could make a cool collection.

Gonna make a planted pot of flowers with my kids prints this year for my mom on mother's day. one year mothers day without her. 2013

Mother's Day

This would be a sweet gift for a first time Nanas Mothers Day. Hint Hint Katie This card is probably all she would want.

Hand print calendar

Handprint Flowers

Used this in year 1 - all of the mums loved them!

Easy Mother's Day card for little ones to make.

Mother's day ideas!!

Made from hand prints and foot print. Santa is made from thumb prints.

Flower pot--Mother's Day gift preschool

Handprint Fish: The children at the preschool would love to make handprint fish. They could creatively decide how to decorate the fish and its bowl. I love the beans used for rocks at the bottom. This activity would be very DAP, because the children could do the activity on their own.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift for Kids | From Auntie Kerrie to Mama Kerrie