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  • Amanda -Joy in the Jumble

    Rainbow Pour Painted Pots via- Dilly Dali Art

  • Christina Bentley

    Dilly-Dali Art: Rainbow Pour Painted Pots. Christmas gift idea perhaps.

  • Deb Maxwell

    Rainbow Pour Painted Pots ~ Use: 6" Terra Cotta Flower Pots & 8 oz bottles of Acrylic Paint. First tape over the hole. Set pot upside down over a jar so that it doesn't touch the paper and the paint can drip off. Squirt paint on top of the pot directly in the middle. Keep repeating with the different colors until you have the look you want. FYI, I've found that less is definitely more with pour painting. If you use too much paint, you won't get the layers of all the colors down the sides.

  • Julia Doyle

    Dilly-Dali Art: Rainbow Pour Painting {on terra cotta pots}. Not sure about the rainbow colors, but a few shades of the same color would look nice!

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Dilly-Dali Art: Rainbow Pour Painting {on terra cotta pots} -having kids make some this summer! Fun craft!

Painting Terra Cotta planters for outside. Great simple instructions on the site! So many possibilities, oh my!

How did I miss this post before? lol This is by far the easiest and least expensive version of painting terra cotta pots! I was going to hold off on doing mine until next pay day, but now, maybe not...

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rainbow pour paint - terra cotta pot ..... I dot know what pour paint is but I am definitely going to familiarize myself with it to make this awesome craft

So this is totally designed as a kid's project. But I imagine it could get really sophisticated if you just swapped out the rainbow colours for a more sophisticated pallette - all malachite greens, or shades of shimmering champagne - and it'd be so fast...

Paint terra cotta pots to add a fresh summer "feel" to soothe away your winter blues.