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Cute idea for Mother's day.... we did this with our 4th grade students this year and I took the idea home this was my 3 year olds flower pot. Great for grandparents or even a personal touch for end of school gifts.

Great ornament idea for grandparents/aunts/uncles..... Salt Dough Footprint Heart <3

Kid’s Hand Print Calendar

DIY Kid Crafts: Mother’s Day Hand Printed Flower

On canvas, capture footprints of your baby. See how they used the right foot on the left and the left foot on the right. Use finger prints for the antennae. After all ‘printed’ use a marker to draw the head and body of the butterfly. So adorable! Could make it an ongoing project i.e. newborn, 2 months, 4 months. etc...

Awesome idea for mom's day or any occasion really

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Handprint Flowers - great for mothers day!

Handprint Flowers

Mother's Day Craft for Kids

I would use this with kindergarten. We would read a book about mother's day and how important it is. Then we would make this art craft by using legos and paint. We would dip the legos in paint and then put them on this sheet of paper, around the hand, for flowers. I would integrate this with art and language arts.

Snowmen feet!

Easy Valentines Day Card make from your babies feet and hands!

Mother's Day

Heart in hand print card - Done in red would make a great Valentine's Day gift! Could use bright spring colors and put a picture behind the heart for mothers day!

DIY Growing Crystal Wish Flower - SuperSmartChoices - 1

Celery flower painting - who knew?!?