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1950 del buñuelo Queen

Doughnut Queen, did I ever tell you about my friend who wrote a song about me called "the original donut queen"?

CACTUS Dress!!! top de biznagas y falda de nopales... Viva México!!

Vintage Photo: Cactus bikini from the For me, it's an occupational OUCH! I am often pricked by cactus. Thankfully, not in such delicate areas.

Constance Crawley (and her pet monkey), 1908

love this caption - "Miss Constance Crawley, an actress, holding a monkey inside her coat" - 1908 Maybe interesting girl rather than prettty.

National Pork Queen (1961-1962)

National Pork Queen (in association with the Illinois Pork Producers Association)

Les petits moments WTF d’un réalisateur

Pitch Videos – Les petits moments WTF d’un réalisateur

60s vintage

Polish artist Weronika Gesicka combs through image banks, collecting stock photos from the and Then, in Photoshop, she tore them apart and then put them back together like pieces in a.

Donut Queen  – Vintage Beauty Pageant Winners

24 Strange, Vintage Beauty Pageant Queens

We were clearly born in the wrong decade. We would have made great donut week queens.

Salami Girl 1966. At least they gave her a piece of newspaper to kneel on. This was obviously a big budget photo shoot.

Salami Girl Some folks are powerless around encased meat & low cleavages


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